PEP The Strain (r)

Chapter 2
Down in the valley milletryoin views
CCL3 3rd CG.i
Creds...[8.8. 12 3.1]
the further study. . open the window look at this seige she wants some air she's got to be believed she's playing so fair but she's just being deceived shot revolver and you just stumble on like isle ian luv and the blues missile judge missile line missile auurrrghhhhhs but keep it missile led
buzard foregone conclusionpave
Moods burst in  the subs crushed the harp could only play one note jack road high loving the broken record the giant cryed again its the ghostship and nothing they could do no one could pull them clear of his victory.. odd trailer
 a central location
talk -  The time patch..   under the complex of things
CCL6S the parallel times rolls & butter hot pie tea phone to be merry glad forty view
moods fitted the trainin frame