PEP  Present At Seghill 2 (r)

Chapter 1
After I'd phone up lewi but  til then I was now taking the girls shopping coz of the new guitar etc which of cause an early night and story time complexed the girls listen there was only one police box left in the uk, baker soon found his way along and you know it was easy too get in plant. once inside bay he let loose the deal a gasman strategy then he aligned the boxs dated 2004 and became january he hopped out  then made for the big lamp shop. He was aquainted with the house manager at the time mr dixon and after finding him round explains the lost key predicament he comes in with seconds plus a reminder the gasman was due to after 12 today baker knowledged in that area would be in then.
CHR0 3rd chapter graphics
the further study. . Opening out Things had moved very fast the U S marshall had been linked and repeated ventures began to be found in naming places dbe 1 let off
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  • michael
  • search engine
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 foregone conclusion - red riding hood goldy lockes and wild jack horner include parts to like harpoFP4
 a central location
talk The time patch & leaving the office on time a known social worker come nurse hellena simmons gets baker to jump in for a lift back and sweet talked into a quick tidy before 12 ocassion well she soon went baker pulls laptop together and emails: the desktop-assistant@the-police-box with a note attached to copy & paste into the time journal folder-codelobster-it
FP0 which would schedule another time shift to 1982 at 3, he'd be sat by the mill by then in jesmond dene
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