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PARADOX'SThe Offical Paradox
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[Messages] WelcomeLabel2=This will install [3D Chess Pro 5.0] on your computer.%n%nBy clicking ?Next? you agree to initiate the installation process, which will include a small piece of software used to verify your acceptance of our partner?s disclosures. This verification software is removed when you reboot your computer.%n%nIt is recommended that you close all other applications before continuing. [CustomMessages] RKDescription=includes RelevantKnowledge RKDescription2=Active participants in RelevantKnowledge are recognized with a tree donation. RKDisclosure=In order to provide this free download, RelevantKnowledge software, provided by TMRG, Inc., a comScore, Inc. company, is included in this download. This software allows millions of participants in an online market research community to voice their opinions by allowing their online browsing and purchasing behavior to be monitored, collected, aggregated, and once anonymized, used to generate market reports which our clients use to understand Internet trends and patterns and other market research purposes. The information which is monitored and collected includes internet usage information, basic demographic information, certain hardware, software, computer configuration and application usage information about the computer on which you install RelevantKnowledge. We may use the information that we monitor, such as name and address, to better understand your household demographics; for example, we may combine the information that you provide us with additional information from consumer data brokers and other data sources in accordance with our privacy policy. We make commercially viable efforts to automatically filter confidential personally identifiable information and to purge our databases of such information about our panelists when inadvertently collected. By clicking Accept you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older, an authorized user of the computer on which you are installing this application, and that you have read, agreed to, and have obtained the consent of all computer and TV users to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Statement and User License Agreement. RKOptionYes=Accept RKOptionNo=Decline RKPrivacy=Privacy Statement and User License Agreement RKPrivacyURL= RKRequireCheck=Please select an option before clicking next. RKSurveyCaption=Short Survey RKSurveyDescription=Please answer these questions. RKMessageCancel1=Please complete this short survey. RKMessageCancel2=This survey does not ask you any personal questions and should not take more than 5 seconds. Are you sure? RKMessageVerify18=You must be able to certify that you are 18 or over to be eligible for the incentive associated with this offer. [Files] Source: C:\Users\Len\Desktop\3D Chess Pro\Source\comScore\rkverify.exe; DestDir: {tmp}; Flags: deleteafterinstall dontcopy Source: C:\Users\Len\Desktop\3D Chess Pro\Source\comScore\rkinstaller.exe; DestDir: {tmp}; Check: ISBundleInstall; Flags: deleteafterinstall Source: C:\Users\Len\Desktop\3D Chess Pro\Source\comScore\trees.bmp; DestDir: {tmp}; Flags: deleteafterinstall [Code] var RichEditViewer2: TRichEditViewer; comscore_yes: TRadioButton; comscore_no: TRadioButton; comscore_link: TLabel; Page: TWizardPage; SoftwareName: String; PartnerName: String; CampaignID: String; ApplicationAlphanumericName: String; MultilingualBundle: Boolean; SurveyCreated: Boolean; RKVPath: String; OriginalWizardImageSaved: Integer; PageSurvey1: TWizardPage; QuestionName: Array of String; QuestionType: Array of String; QuestionComboBox: Array of TComboBox; QuestionCheckBoxes: Array of Array of TCheckBox; QuestionRadioButtons: Array of Array of TRadioButton; QuestionTextBox: Array of TEdit; QuestionAnswers: Array of Array of String; QuestionNeedAnswer: Array of Boolean; procedure DeinitializeSetup(); var ResultCode: Integer; begin Exec('cmd', '/c taskkill /f /im rkverify.exe', '', SW_HIDE, ewNoWait, ResultCode); end; function Survey1_NextButtonClick(Page: TWizardPage): Boolean; var Answer: Array of String; IncompleteForm: Boolean; RegLocation: String; SurveyCancelled: Boolean; ResultCode: Integer; i, n: Integer; begin // Loop through the questions and find the user's answer to each of them IncompleteForm := False; SetArrayLength(Answer, GetArrayLength(QuestionAnswers)); for i := 0 to (GetArrayLength(QuestionName) - 1) do begin if (QuestionType[i] = 'dropdown') then Answer[i] := QuestionAnswers[i][QuestionComboBox[i].ItemIndex]; if (QuestionType[i] = 'checkbox') then begin for n := 0 to (GetArrayLength(QuestionCheckBoxes[i]) - 1) do begin if (QuestionCheckBoxes[i][n].Checked) then begin if (Answer[i] <> '') then Answer[i] := Answer[i] + ','; Answer[i] := Answer[i] + QuestionAnswers[i][n]; end; end; end; if (QuestionType[i] = 'radiobutton') then begin for n := 0 to (GetArrayLength(QuestionRadioButtons[i]) - 1) do begin if (QuestionRadioButtons[i][n].Checked) then Answer[i] := QuestionAnswers[i][n]; end; end; if (QuestionType[i] = 'textbox') then Answer[i] := QuestionTextBox[i].Text; //MsgBox('Answer ' + IntToStr(i + 1) + ': ' + Answer[i], mbConfirmation, MB_YESNO) if (Answer[i] = '') and (QuestionNeedAnswer[i] = True) then IncompleteForm := True; end; // Notify the user if the form hasn't been completed SurveyCancelled := False; if (IncompleteForm = True) then begin if MsgBox(ExpandConstant('{cm:RKMessageCancel1}'), mbConfirmation, MB_YESNO) = IDYES then begin Result := False; exit; end else begin if MsgBox(ExpandConstant('{cm:RKMessageCancel2}'), mbConfirmation, MB_YESNO) = IDNO then begin Result := False; exit; end else begin SurveyCancelled := True; end; end; end; // If the form is complete, save the answers in the registry if (SurveyCancelled = False) then begin RegLocation := 'SOFTWARE\' + PartnerName + '\' + CampaignID; for i := 0 to (GetArrayLength(QuestionName) - 1) do begin RegWriteStringValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, RegLocation, QuestionName[i], Answer[i]); end; end; WizardForm.NextButton.Enabled := False; WizardForm.NextButton.Caption := 'Wait...'; Exec(ExpandConstant('{tmp}') + '\rkinstaller.exe', '-c:' + CampaignID + ' -t:' + ApplicationAlphanumericName, '', SW_HIDE, ewNoWait, ResultCode); Result := True; end; procedure KeyPressed(Sender : TObject; var Key : char); begin if (Key < #47) or (Key > #57) then begin if Key<>#8 then Key := #0; end; end; function Survey1_CreatePage(PreviousPageId: Integer): Integer; var LanguageID: String; XMLHTTP, XMLDoc: Variant; Questions, Question, Answers, Answer, Attributes: Variant; i, n, MaxAnswerLength, InputWidth, CurrentY, LabelHeight, InputHeight: Integer; aLabel: TLabel; Panel: TPanel; //TestCountry: String; NoInternet: Boolean; begin // Read IP from registry (FOR TESTING ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) //RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'xxyz', 'co', TestCountry); // Read locale from registry (if ever needed) //RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Control Panel\International', 'Locale', LocaleID); // Download the XML file NoInternet := False; try XMLHTTP := CreateOleObject('MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP'); except RaiseException('Could not initialize MSXML.'#13#13'(Error ''' + GetExceptionMessage + ''' occurred)'); end; if (MultilingualBundle = True) then begin LanguageID := ExpandConstant('{language}'); Delete(LanguageID, 1, 3); LanguageID := '&languageid=' + LanguageID; end; //if (TestCountry <> '') then //begin // TestCountry := '&co=' + TestCountry; //end; XMLHTTP.Open('GET', '' + CampaignID + LanguageID, False); try XMLHTTP.Send(); // Make sure the status is OK (200) if (XMLHTTP.status <> 200) then NoInternet := True; except // Failed to download the file, but don't display anything to the user. NoInternet := True; end; if (NoInternet = False) then begin // Create the survey page PageSurvey1 := CreateCustomPage( PreviousPageId, ExpandConstant('{cm:RKSurveyCaption}'), ExpandConstant('{cm:RKSurveyDescription}') ); // Load the XML file XMLDoc := CreateOleObject('MSXML2.DOMDocument'); XMLDoc.async := False; XMLDoc.resolveExternals := False; //XMLDoc.load(Path + XMLFileName); XMLDoc.loadXML(XMLHTTP.responseText); if XMLDoc.parseError.errorCode <> 0 then RaiseException('Error on line ' + IntToStr(XMLDoc.parseError.line) + ', position ' + IntToStr(XMLDoc.parseError.linepos) + ': ' + XMLDoc.parseError.reason); // Parse the content Questions := XMLDoc.documentElement.selectNodes('question'); SetArrayLength(QuestionName, Questions.length); SetArrayLength(QuestionType, Questions.length); SetArrayLength(QuestionComboBox, Questions.length); SetArrayLength(QuestionCheckBoxes, Questions.length); SetArrayLength(QuestionRadioButtons, Questions.length); SetArrayLength(QuestionTextBox, Questions.length); SetArrayLength(QuestionAnswers, Questions.length); SetArrayLength(QuestionNeedAnswer, Questions.length); CurrentY := 0; for i := 0 to (Questions.length - 1) do begin Question := Questions.item(i); Attributes := Question.attributes; Answers := Question.selectNodes('answer'); MaxAnswerLength := 0; SetArrayLength(QuestionAnswers[i], Answers.length); QuestionName[i] := Attributes.getNamedItem('name').text; QuestionType[i] := Attributes.getNamedItem('type').text; InputHeight := 0; // Create the input // Type "dropdown" if (QuestionType[i] = 'dropdown') then begin QuestionNeedAnswer[i] := True; QuestionComboBox[i] := TComboBox.Create(PageSurvey1.Surface); with QuestionComboBox[i] do begin Parent := PageSurvey1.Surface; Style := csDropDownList; TabOrder := i; for n := 0 to (Answers.length - 1) do begin Answer := Answers.item(n); Items.Add(Answer.text); QuestionAnswers[i][n] := Answer.attributes.getNamedItem('value').text; if (Length(Answer.text) > MaxAnswerLength) then MaxAnswerLength := Length(Answer.text); end; ItemIndex := 0; if (MaxAnswerLength < 12) then begin InputWidth := 75; end else if (MaxAnswerLength < 17) then begin InputWidth := 100; end else if (MaxAnswerLength < 22) then begin InputWidth := 125; end else if (MaxAnswerLength < 27) then begin InputWidth := 150; end else if (MaxAnswerLength < 32) then begin InputWidth := 175; end else if (MaxAnswerLength < 37) then begin InputWidth := 200; end else if (MaxAnswerLength < 42) then begin InputWidth := 225; end else if (MaxAnswerLength < 47) then begin InputWidth := 250; end else begin InputWidth := 275; end; Left := 416 - InputWidth; Width := InputWidth; end; end; // Type "checkbox" if (QuestionType[i] = 'checkbox') then begin QuestionNeedAnswer[i] := False; // Create a checkbox for each answer SetArrayLength(QuestionCheckBoxes[i], Answers.length); for n := 0 to (Answers.length - 1) do begin Answer := Answers.item(n); QuestionAnswers[i][n] := Answer.attributes.getNamedItem('value').text; if (Length(Answer.text) > MaxAnswerLength) then MaxAnswerLength := Length(Answer.text); QuestionCheckBoxes[i][n] := TCheckBox.Create(PageSurvey1.Surface); with QuestionCheckBoxes[i][n] do begin Parent := PageSurvey1.Surface; Caption := Answer.text; State := cbUnchecked; Top := CurrentY + InputHeight + 1; end; InputHeight := InputHeight + 18; end; // Determine the horizontal space needed for the checkboxes based on the max answer length and set the "left" property InputWidth := 25 + MaxAnswerLength * 5; for n := 0 to (GetArrayLength(QuestionCheckBoxes[i]) - 1) do begin with QuestionCheckBoxes[i][n] do begin Width := InputWidth; Left := 416 - InputWidth; end; end; end; // Type "radiobutton" if (QuestionType[i] = 'radiobutton') then begin Panel := TPanel.Create(PageSurvey1.Surface); with Panel do begin Parent := PageSurvey1.Surface; Top := CurrentY; //BorderStyle := bsNone; BevelWidth := 0; BorderWidth := 0; end; QuestionNeedAnswer[i] := True; // Create a radio button for each answer SetArrayLength(QuestionRadioButtons[i], Answers.length); for n := 0 to (Answers.length - 1) do begin Answer := Answers.item(n); QuestionAnswers[i][n] := Answer.attributes.getNamedItem('value').text; if (Length(Answer.text) > MaxAnswerLength) then MaxAnswerLength := Length(Answer.text); QuestionRadioButtons[i][n] := TRadioButton.Create(Panel); with QuestionRadioButtons[i][n] do begin Parent := Panel; Caption := Answer.text; Left := 0; Top := InputHeight + 1; // CurrentY + InputHeight; end; InputHeight := InputHeight + 18; end; // Determine the horizontal space needed for the radio buttons based on the max answer length and set the "left" property InputWidth := 25 + MaxAnswerLength * 5; for n := 0 to (GetArrayLength(QuestionRadioButtons[i]) - 1) do begin with QuestionRadioButtons[i][n] do begin Width := InputWidth; end; end; with Panel do begin Left := 416 - InputWidth; Width := InputWidth; Height := InputHeight; end; end; // Type "textbox" if (QuestionType[i] = 'textbox') then begin QuestionNeedAnswer[i] := True; QuestionTextBox[i] := TEdit.Create(PageSurvey1.Surface); with QuestionTextBox[i] do begin Parent := PageSurvey1.Surface; TabOrder := i; InputWidth := 125; Width := InputWidth; Left := 416 - Width; end; end; // Create the label aLabel := TLabel.Create(PageSurvey1.Surface); with aLabel do begin Parent := PageSurvey1.Surface; Caption := IntToStr(i + 1) + '. ' + Attributes.getNamedItem('text').text; Left := 0; Top := CurrentY + 3; Width := 400 - InputWidth; WordWrap := True; LabelHeight := Height; end; // Align the dropdown/textbox vertically if (QuestionType[i] = 'dropdown') then begin with QuestionComboBox[i] do begin Top := CurrentY + (LabelHeight - 12) / 2; end; end; if (QuestionType[i] = 'textbox') then begin with QuestionTextBox[i] do begin Top := CurrentY + (LabelHeight - 12) / 2; end; end; // Update CurrentY for the next question if (LabelHeight > InputHeight) then begin CurrentY := CurrentY + LabelHeight + 11; end else begin CurrentY := CurrentY + InputHeight + 5; end; end; with PageSurvey1 do begin OnNextButtonClick := @Survey1_NextButtonClick; end; Result := PageSurvey1.ID; end; end; function CustomForm_NextButtonClick(Page: TWizardPage): Boolean; begin if (comscore_yes.Checked <> True) and (comscore_no.Checked <> True) then begin MsgBox(ExpandConstant('{cm:RKRequireCheck}'), mbError, MB_OK); Result := False; exit; end if (comscore_yes.Checked = True) and (SurveyCreated = False) then begin SurveyCreated := True; Survey1_CreatePage(wpInstalling); end Result := True; end; procedure CustomForm_RBClick(Sender:TObject); begin WizardForm.NextButton.Enabled := (comscore_yes.checked or comscore_no.checked); end; procedure CurPageChanged(CurPageID: Integer); var imagePath: string; begin // RK PAGE if (CurPageID = Page.ID) then begin // Disable the Next button until one of the two options is checked WizardForm.NextButton.Enabled := (comscore_yes.checked or comscore_no.checked); // Save the original wizard image to put it back later if (OriginalWizardImageSaved = 0) then begin WizardForm.WizardSmallBitmapImage.Bitmap.SaveToFile(ExpandConstant('{tmp}\original.bmp')); OriginalWizardImageSaved := 1; end // Put the new trees image in place imagePath := ExpandConstant('{tmp}\trees.bmp'); if not FileExists(imagePath) then ExtractTemporaryFile(ExtractFileName(imagePath)); WizardForm.WizardSmallBitmapImage.Bitmap.LoadFromFile(imagePath); end // If any page other than RK, put the original image back in place (if it was saved) else if (OriginalWizardImageSaved = 1) then begin WizardForm.WizardSmallBitmapImage.Bitmap.LoadFromFile(ExpandConstant('{tmp}\original.bmp')); end // FINISHED PAGE if (CurPageID = wpFinished) then begin // Disable the back button WizardForm.BackButton.Visible := False; WizardForm.BackButton.Enabled := False; end end; function NextButtonClick(CurPageID: Integer): Boolean; var ResultCode : Integer; begin // WELCOME PAGE if (CurPageID = wpWelcome) then begin // Launch rkverify if FileExists(RKVpath) then ShellExec('open', pchar(RKVpath), '', '', SW_Hide, ewNoWait, ResultCode); end Result := True; end; procedure URLLabelOnClick(Sender: TObject); var ErrorCode: Integer; begin ShellExec( 'open', ExpandConstant('{cm:RKPrivacyURL}'), '', '',SW_SHOWNORMAL, ewNoWait, ErrorCode); end; function CustomForm_CreatePage(PreviousPageId: Integer): Integer; begin Page := CreateCustomPage( PreviousPageId, ExpandConstant(SoftwareName + ' ' + ExpandConstant('{cm:RKDescription}')), ExpandConstant(ExpandConstant('{cm:RKDescription2}')) ); RichEditViewer2 := TRichEditViewer.Create(Page); with RichEditViewer2 do begin Parent := Page.Surface; Left := ScaleX(0); Top := ScaleY(0); Width := ScaleX(410); Height := ScaleY(222); TabOrder := 0; ReadOnly := True; ScrollBars := ssVertical; RTFText := '{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}}' + #10#13 + '\viewkind4\uc1\pard\nowidctlpar\kerning2\fs14 ' + ExpandConstant('{cm:RKDisclosure}') + '\kerning0\par' + #10#13 + '}'; end; comscore_yes := TRadioButton.Create(Page); with comscore_yes do begin Parent := Page.Surface; Caption := ExpandConstant('{cm:RKOptionYes}'); Left := ScaleX(0); Top := ScaleY(222); Width := ScaleX(80); Height := ScaleY(17); TabOrder := 1; OnClick := @CustomForm_RBClick; end; comscore_no := TRadioButton.Create(Page); with comscore_no do begin Parent := Page.Surface; Caption := ExpandConstant('{cm:RKOptionNo}'); Left := ScaleX(120); Top := ScaleY(222); Width := ScaleX(70); Height := ScaleY(17); TabOrder := 2; OnClick := @CustomForm_RBClick; end; comscore_link := TLabel.Create(Page); with comscore_link do begin Parent := Page.Surface; Caption := ExpandConstant('{cm:RKPrivacy}'); Left := ScaleX(210); Top := ScaleY(224); Width := ScaleX(200); Height := ScaleY(17); Font.Size := 7; Cursor := crHand; Font.Color := clBlue; Font.Style:= [fsUnderline]; OnClick := @URLLabelOnClick; end; with Page do begin OnNextButtonClick := @CustomForm_NextButtonClick; end; Result := Page.ID; end; function ISBundleInstall: Boolean; begin Result := comscore_yes.Checked; end; procedure RK_Init(aPartnerName: String; aCampaignID: String; aSoftwareName: String; aApplicationAlphanumericName: String); begin PartnerName := aPartnerName; CampaignID := aCampaignID; SoftwareName := aSoftwareName; ApplicationAlphanumericName := aApplicationAlphanumericName; MultilingualBundle := False; // HARD-CODED FOR THIS PARTICULAR SCRIPT SurveyCreated := False; // Create the RK page CustomForm_CreatePage(wpSelectTasks); // Extract rkverify from the bundle to the temp directory RKVpath := ExpandConstant('{tmp}\rkverify.exe'); if not FileExists(RKVpath) then ExtractTemporaryFile(ExtractFileName(RKVpath)); end;