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PEP The Story (r)

Chapter 2
After no time things started to turn up mud found trudy leftwords a local spot and sang a way to freedom loaded she ran off other stars followed until then the place had been quiet thats about the time we saw Bade who turns in like Wil
CK7 3rd CG.i
Creds...[8.8. 12 2]
the further study. . Duty called and I give it a ring hung about there I might as well see him he played the part and needed more rope not only that I got to go out with julie what a shock some kid had shown uz how to play golden brown that was just out I fancied doing it if I could just throw walk on by in and re arrange it somehow before the morrugh I took a bath at julies and thought it out
buzard foregone conclusionDP
Moods burst in from com bats change build 8 1 then bows here suprise set the giant flew away like fairy again reaching for records the fans flustered ping the hated looked casual he still had rounds to make, jack clutching the harp in both hands She offered to help dbe shows up. getting it ping this time you'll pay each way party type I've wound it on way ahead they'll play the tune for you to sing sing again all the way home
 a central location
talk - OK The time patch signaled and baker showed up taking a laptop and heading out annet hooked a monitor and followed his course with moods drinking and moods lifted angered finding the police box key was also gone and baker entered the box in tynemouth under the complex of things
FP1under the parallel times rolls
moods fitted the trainin frame