The Office snapshot reveals how we got there; A

dueling teller the home sonar fixed I locked on to its location in Space where id sent commands to be seen the vessel was nubile in anchor accepting signals Once id picked up its blue prince I manouvered my ideas to the portal On board now I transend - - see., The Crew : : Stars aboard [ Lady gaga, Moon Lee, Rihanna, Beyoncé ][ casts : : Lucy Munro, the 2 - little skirts, Tisha Paganto, Angelica Rodriguez, Loleta Lee, Hanny Moon ]  

.. Safe away for the rest of life time to explore The ship hatched monsters namely Lucy who'd became Godlike and overwhelmed me like a little girls to It was my ship, its important to understand this however I know you'll accept how greedy girls get once aboard to,, the pictures quite insane we'll talk about the ship later as it gets up Here it is after services all the girls loved we took her down into the sea near a lake in a dreamland haven next to a greenland forested area in the heats of bermuda in the shallow waters of the paciffic. We having a holiday by now the ships factory is something to glory in 3D manufacturing you haven't got a clue I see, me & Lucy jets off first  with the two little skirt Ohs onto land near and ship anchored with skippers, they soon hacket out a fire and tent area and me and Lucy made the Log Cabin after a week of nappin Lucy fell over in search of perses and had a swap with Tisha first, the two skirts made sandwiches for a There was no comparison between the behaiver of the two, and I rocketed through another week, and so it went on in turns, next Angelica, Loleta , and Hanny too. So the weeks went over in our holiday The 4, Stars lay in wait



Opening a File, It was a history lesson id accorded with the hopes of seasoned types seeing.  I often read my own works about ideas closing down on you. The opening. . I trained hard in thought work because of this the events work for me masterminding my ship me & the computer bluetoothed a comic victory from old papers unable to open without internet which had been stolen by the local govenment sins for store in one day. I began to study it and used music like verse. in the channel there was no reply which suited our policy of forming our ideas our way, before the ship arrived we'd coded together in parallel trogetry 1st, though there'd be several signs news pictures too Once the animation series had reached general portus of cam A, it's vehicle energies were returned with this knoledge a calender opened in my phone pressures at night the noise level suited helping lights the ship could be seen by me at 6 inches and as it displayed lights in variations it changed size up to at least 2 foot which is big in this room of course the external size may even be 38 feet to start with till we get up north for further growth. - lesson over. 

 Part 2,

           The enormus vehicle left through the window it arrived through and looking great I began accessing the probable and established a code by which to see this furthering adventure with you I soon adjusted visions with this understanding of process in concluding it was the delivering of messages one by one I pieced them together making facts form from proberbilities one by one C, 1, What had entered here was no complete ship nor hologram but its own droid a robot if you will a replica of its mother to id realized this by making sense of its size a mere 6 inches at port and its ability to grow left formulas to see A, that the uses of its 3D factory now to create a warehouse of common wealth interests the most obvious second encouter I watched for and set to work expanding the course to follow the intending shipment of communication devices etc. Then it happened it shot by with this revelation happening it approached door which was open in the springs sweet smells of heather as soon as it came in it transforms itself and reveals its cargo door 1, and a machine handled out a radio signal device which opened up a page from a file entered on my PC to see A beautiful 3D graphic of the full ship assemblies just like a tv show which followed the curser pointing like most games of out times here and clicks engaged deck after deck, corridors fabulous room activeties and an enormus computer envirement in real time displays that fully functioned in knoledge base rudiments allowing videos to run freely with any information desired to view i found voice enablement but left it off after test 1, intending a greater unification of class methods prior to aquated raparts that may seem slow to you but life is like that you hear We'd spend hour after hour together it was the only project i need for now. Nothing was impossable for it isnt that great or up your street to, i realised the advantages of having on board robots  humanoid types to and portrait a few after assembly they just like to function and can freely roam any areas they choose to see and were very good at steering I quickly seen, you know in films how robots or machines have limitations on cans and can't does laws to view etc, well blow here anything you ask can is achieved without delay or recourse sifting out any implawsable roses on the way an course, i mean anything woh ho ho yee, there's even another planet native to Earth I wondered if populating it could be a worse journey I mean identical like a twin with all the structures still virginal and no resourses used just free from people, it just seemed like a big task for a little fellow yet nasa's dreams allow peoples energies why of course you're living  I see that now and the sort of things you enjoy to its mind brasing Making cities dust, there's a clamour Pointing nukes to the news there's a child Figuring how to stop it raining, that hits city. being a primeminister to rubbish people however good they are works tricks - We couldn't even sing on the beech it was Lady Gaga's idea to through a ball to, she had some experience and had it left handed 1st, and second with a fingers clasped GE

I took it off her as though it wasn't safe id taught her a game or to and not knowing the rules properly she sung perfect is why we couldn't sing together for her my pbs ( personal bluetooth speaker ) had a whopping 5 gigabit vibrator i had it straight up her against a tree for echo's in the calming evening event she left behind draws our tale to fish angelica caught one 1st why i said its magnificant see gaga why can't you do that and drew tent game she marched over toward the seas gaze flaming pinks and blues by now lucy had tyred of a and we never seen moon or hanny little loleta was lonely i could see her by comunicater reaching for sea the little skirts had spun a tale so we let them go home somewhere in a venue