The Wizard

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satellite dish...Step 1 - : : Big Apple City ; K, Blue enters from the field The Tracks left from Hastings over Battle we'd been in the Highlands Express finding The Clown we followed the map. It was a good map id used in the past and gathered followers within its pages known as All Roads Lead To Rome. The Stranglers wrote about it and made music I wasn't using them now as the line up had gone southwards where id found this Lorry and jumped in Thats on page 12, where the police chased us out this City over the following they were doing and began harrasing which lead to like I say this lorry in the mists of Dover County we'd lost them between this newcastle but a re-entry is focusing in their courts settion in Luton viddie Well 2. Thats the latest Wellmoviemanor return for yhwh. A scandalous Map that Adam had left lying around now its Lady Gagas mast head we see

                                                         1 - Blooze t'day it was brown & me at loggerheads, down in Bellinhill mafia roads cups forced idiot to show and I loads blooze mannual 2. 

The..Graizing pitch.. weed1,At the SB surface holeds out Queen snaps situp Owen Arnie will plugged the stage farced in pale largo pence edge 1.


                                               BellinHill mafia road old swinger finds ez rail beg in for mercy at 1st, stop durundndurund on him by the black coke ' for askin ez heat n message. Killer the blooze manual ( Captain Blooze ) 1. the bluit. Routey - 1, big man 2, whats that 2. the bullet Routey by .3, excuse me _happens 3. these all make sense. Top BLOCKS Avurry 4. ghostly mouth 5.bully bib We can ut deliver 6. bibs loose WEED THREW

          Nerce Hears Webisode 1





Smith who'd parked was 1st, inside with news listening michael views Alfreds Logs FINDING there's a new refference he cast out the Gouse to see shot over integer island chase island times chopper featured a new line lighting up the way as we go more news travels

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Club Snooker  Pub DARTS&Pool Scene A calender craving you've practised this mindfully in pride attacking normality roles on several trips in the flashback area the conquest rolls across the pitch folk view Smiles alive in a new pair of club creepers The Event has crept on as though a smothering pipe of black mac knackers own brandy was over due. The cue's online a lengthy study off focus's aleing vancouver, he tightens the rack and it seems a nice steady sweep magnificent 7 plane over took the business dealings calendered. Scoreing for a drink leaps about left in the minds eye teadious that is ever present slumbered avoiding stereotypes efforts to see how much to bet eagerly pushes infront of lugs lift, and the room hears The Break slams bam bam 123 to each Pamela... 




[01] Virtue, Mixing Ajade and Plumbs

, Things had stirred twice over Alan folk laws twisting binaries ever developed the crimson pirate thats it Burt boys .once you ink the well thats a mark in this journal you'd do well, there's a fair crowd causing tremendous breathes you have to take lungs where ever you go when walking honest lines planes shoot through the air vents in parties you find yeh laughs mean little to her because you can't here I came mind involving funny as it happens . In here JOURNAL you may reach for boots how long before we start nobody 

    Opperating paragraph  me well in the lessons foot services unwyndes after coke its like being on the wrong channel isn't it but you've got wait to get warm There stopper lost its lid and had developed a tuff skin in boots picture frames recycled an old picture or tune by then Rob had appeared and wondered what I wanted nothing I said I was finished for the day now and he burst out laughin at uz and began bowing fixing engines has that effect on you I thought to hard into the furnaces of his face I saw in the reflection a modern map he flew about in fear of loosen second because Geof  had no time for enemies there was a harbouring place and tiles to use you see