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Chapter 2a
maskED S
Creds...[8.8. 12 3.1]
the further study. . Haw haw the jungle hor hor the jungle is that the hard boil ( the boilers safe ) is that the hard boiled boiled head ( the boilers safe the boilers saved ) he'll have a bigger harce than yee twits to you all twits is that the twitters haw haw its all in the jungle and now there's a snake and a trunk a slave stripes its all in the jungle cheating your love cats haw haw its all in the jungle
buzard foregone conclusionOPENED
Moods burst in 
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twitter classic on ie 11 ..paft
 a central location
talk -  The time patch..   under the complex of things
CCL6 the parallel time baronssin  
moods fitted the trainin frame