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. A last desperate effort to make something sane The Wife spent every penny inside a month and after her last attack I had to leave it was only fair to leave her a kid I had to pay for to after though a resented a more and fawked out weekly till a got away again this time without kids for the rest of mee life over them  In the FACTORY Scene a had to hang about on a bar thinking like a GIANT Looe had made uz sick of work and won booted for ez memory since I called him toad but no one could hear we got used to this as the years went by an by leaving work early we'd call in at his house in ez bedroom was a Stranglers mainiac I got in first via the bench for ez mammys crying eyes tame finding e had  a sister was a fit forrez materess lawn, she was much more beautiful than him as I remember Then a sees yvonne too who id only recently got to knew although paul a brother was training with me and big brian as he called him it wasn't with him that I got to know her boy what an eager girl and nice I still say and see her vividly to this day still the same bells started ringing in this brothers nonesense but through brian roddham  I gave it up news of him might errupt in FACTORYS Tower id introduced young roddham - - known as coleman now < much to beautiful terry..<< to my granda on the way back from school hours it was a field trip that got uz a hand shake and signature from mee granda i needed it for sales of old pictures oil paints of gallien sailing ships id to re-post about now and earned a further ten bob I can still see that voucher and should of kept it as proof of sale and mee grandas hand writing might of been mindful it looked invincible to apparently he was in stationery mother says sweetly when asked curiously some time later for those to see sinsirnaty kid 1 

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 ordered now like it lovely when in Spain dredful music when at home make me smile  honest pink kid - Really holy when they sing its now I'm obviously a man shining also all over their plight to, yet when me or her do it they think its funny what a float here look back at yeh man acts hung got it yet .. rather pathetic tie A yeh its really an amazing view after they've sung a number as karioke king the return to sports centre as though at last I'm a man everyone please finally see this. yet as I say 2, when her or me do it ( either way ) its funny to thum its just so unreal of yuz not to of seen this yehselfs to.., yes share tee hee o





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The Trains had passed platform 9 weekly, Sid was

smoking over in the corner with this Chuhdually school girl

who'd been left behind some years back and got stuck

She'd made remarks of how boring school was and the

jealousy of the other girls over her being able to accept age






[22] The castlemaine line understood waved and cheered at Baker who'd seen a chest although valed in team  hsad stood in black their power waved Atlas adventure rulein in their mind which hammpered causing views rendering insanity and hair do's to see raged in perspex That flexed his brain little as it stood in its lonely partner 


   Off The Train
it was a wild ride the other Chuhdually City
trains had passed Elsa had a memory for them
till now time had passed quietly through the lines
a kindly stranger on the passage had shared his phone
news and views along the way
and trouble spots
She was notably well and even spotted calfs outside horizon
there wasn't an awful lot of room in the stilling passages and squeaks
from tilling travellers caught her unawares more than once fences rose
a lengthy train journey 14, days to






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