line after line the lyrics bust forth
Craft Collision this is your craft collision you call this living. call this living. just call this living.  just living
just living
just living   just living

The Space Man

Of all the Words there's a Bible I'm taking  Space to lead you....

out & far out like little fish, I lead youDrownding Day,, not for you skippers where is it I ask you to see and see more as we expand out our nostrils for want of more spunks.

A Blasted  heilium chaser.

  • a mountain to nothing and so I found a wife this took me forward difficult times set in the realm of ready forrit just getting past the wedding was a chance but was  still living with daddy was bad news things had to change had to get better wild eye openner arriving in the land of better next clint eastwood and silver dollars 2.
  • sniffing a flower
  • bridge
  • O S
  • sound system
  • onboard computer...